Ethics and Commitments

At REGI Consulting, our work is compelled by a sense of hospitality, by intellectual humility, tenacity, and responsibility, and by interventions that weave pragmatism together with historical sensibilities and forward-looking stewardship. It was further encouraged by Iris Marion Young’s thinking in Responsbility for Justice (2006) about the need for collective responses to address structural injustices.

We are committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, and diversity; to mutual respect and attentive dialogue between knowledge communities; to critical and constructive analyses of money and power; and to work that builds more ethical and equitable relationships.

We believe our ethical frameworks continue to grow and strengthen through dialogue with colleagues, clients, and the various communities with which we are engaged. In this respect, our work draws from – and adheres to – the following standards for ethical research:

• The three core principles of Canada’s Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics, which relate to respect for persons, a concern for welfare, and justice;
• The standards set forth by the CFA Institute for financial analysis regarding professionalism, duties to clients, and conflicts of interest; and
• The principles and guidelines developed by the UK’s National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement regarding ethical practices in community-based participatory research.