Universities, Colleges, and Their Stakeholders

REGI Consulting serves a variety of stakeholders with public universities and colleges by providing strategic financial analysis of the institution. In our work with stakeholders in higher education in Ontario, REGI Consulting developed a set of financial ratios that better assess the financial performance of public post-secondary institutions than the components of the standard composite financial index. Just as importantly, our metrics better reflect the interests of the diverse stakeholders of state-funded institutions in this sector. We welcome opportunities to apply these metrics for new clients in Ontario and upstate New York.

We are especially keen to work with stakeholders at public colleges and universities that: 1) use highly democratic governance models that include staff, faculty, students, the surrounding community, and economically excluded groups; 2) use critical pedagogy, rigorous research, and progressive education to cultivate diverse talents; and 3) are scrupulously committed to facilitating greater social mobility and to building a more equitable world.