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REGI Consulting delivers rigorous and original economic research to those who want to “walk the talk” in building a more equitable world.

We offer sophisticated research and analysis of social infrastructure in Ontario and upstate New York. Our goal is to provide clients with fundamentally better understandings of the following dynamics:

•  long-term financial accumulation;
•  social and economic inclusion;
•  skill utilization; and
•  the development of creative human capacities.

More details about REGI Consulting can be found on these pages:
•  Approaches outlines what sets our research methodologies apart;
•  Ethics articulates our commitment to professionalism, integrity, civility, and care;
Who We Serve describes, by sector, four types of clients that we can help – in higher education, finance, and public administration;
About Us summarizes why we are applying our research skills to issues of equity;

Email:  info@regiconsulting.ca
REGI Consulting, Box 1466 Station B, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5P6   Canada