About Us

Based in Canada’s National Capital Region, REGI Consulting helps clients improve the social infrastructure in ways that address growing economic inequalities in Ontario and upstate New York. Our work is designed for those who make the time to think about how best to invest available resources so as to animate a more equitable world.

Why are we engaged in this work? Significant evidence shows that the gaps between rich and poor have grown substantially over the last few decades. Social and economic mobility has declined, so at a human level, one’s chances of moving out of poverty have narrowed. This is a loss of potential and talent that could have benefited everyone. Recent studies by the IMF and OECD also indicate that countries with smaller gaps between low income households and the rest see greater economic growth. In other words, the more equitable societies become the more prosperous ones.

At REGI Consulting, we want to help others foster a more equitable world. To this work, we bring considerable expertise in economic and social science research methodologies, a solid foundation in the humanities and the history of the social sciences, strong math and statistical skills, advanced financial analysis techniques, and years of professional experience as academic faculty with American, British, and Canadian universities.