Financial Analysts

REGI Consulting can assist financial analysts and other professionals in the sector whose clients wish to balance yield from fixed-income securities with more equitable returns. We do not advise individual investors. Rather, our consultancy serves analysts and fund managers who wish to draw on advanced skills and expertise in the social sciences so as to better understand whether specific public-sector investments in social infrastructure are likely to mitigate inequalities in wealth and income. This standard goes beyond the traditional ESG requirements (Environmental, Social, & Governance) for ethical investments.

At REGI Consulting, our work in this regard involves the analysis of public-sector securities such as sub-sovereign, agency, municipal, and university bonds. Accordingly, we can assist analysts and fund managers with ethical investment portfolios. While we also assist cooperatives, we are not involved in the analysis of newer innovations in private-sector social finance such as impact bonds, micro-credit, or venture philanthropy.